Re:LiT is a network of researchers and translators at the Centre for Translation Studies who are interested in the theory and practice of literary translation in its many forms, including multimodal and intermedial translation, its cultural, social, cognitive, linguistic, and aesthetic dimensions, its agents and actors. This network provides a platform for presenting recent research activities and translation projects, fostering the development and exchange of new ideas, and promoting dialogue among researchers and members of the larger translation community.

Current Activities



Presentation at the 52nd Poznań Linguistic Meeting

Waltraud Kolb, Wolfgang U. Dressler and Elisa Mattiello will speak about "Human and machine translation of occasionalisms in literary text"


Table Ronde avec Yaëlle Amsalem, Laura Hurot et Waltraud Kolb (animé par Sophie Royère, interprète: Valentine Leÿs)


"Quite puzzling when I first read it": Is reading for literary translation different from reading for literary post-editing?" by Waltraud Kolb

03.10.2022 18:15

Hieronymustag 2022

Übersetzung, Geschichte und das Historische in den Literaturen Mittel- und Südosteuropas

Erwin Köstler im Gespräch mit John K. Cox

31.03.2022 17:30


'The damned baron': The challenges of post-editing machine-translated literary texts

Waltraud Kolb



Vitomil Zupan. Menuett für Gitarre (zu 25 Schuss). Der Übersetzer Erwin Köstler im Gespräch mit Elena Messner

14.10.2021 17:30

Zoom Event

Event marking the Hebrew translation and publication of Mignon Langnas' diaries and letters from 1938-1949, ed. by Elisabeth Fraller and George...


Österreichische Staatspreise für literarische Übersetzung 2019 & 2020